Our Firm

Calton and Associates, Inc. is an independent wealth management firm headquartered in Tampa, Florida.  Our team of investment and insurance professionals create a national network of advisors dedicated to addressing the personal and business needs of today’s investors. The firm’s executive management team consists of experienced leaders who have more than 100 collective years of experience as advisors and working with advisors to serve their clients. 

At Calton and Associates, Inc., we strive to be the advisor our clients are looking for.  We pride ourselves on being trusted advisors who provide both expertise and access to a range of options to fit their financial and life goals to care for their families, build wealth, and provide for themselves the lifestyle they desire. Calton and Associates, Inc. advisors are skilled at recognizing and realizing opportunities to help clients build comprehensive wealth plans in line with those goals, and we work with our clients to be sure those plans are carried out.

As you consider all aspects of your life, your Calton advisor supports you with holistic financial planning based on your life situation, your goals and, most importantly, your dreams. We serve individuals and business owners, providing a range of services with clear, objective, unbiased support that help fulfill your financial planning, retirement, estate planning and wealth transfer needs.